A Memory of our Holiday Performance

Our Holiday Performance 2017 was held Saturday December 16th. It was a cold day but all students were on time for rehearsal. They all warmed up with Miss Meghan McCutcheon, while Miss Allison Shaeffer got dresses and props ready.

At 1:45 pm parents arrived with pastries and goods to share after the show. At the same time all students got their dresses and make up on. At 2:00pm the magic began. Miss Allison Shaeffer gave her welcoming words and the show ran its course.

At the very end of the show all the students were ready for the Grand Finale, one student gave a note to one of the attendees and he read it out loud. The message given was that eveyone at TRDA wish to all: JOY! Students jumped, laughed, and shouted the word joy. At the same time audience clapped.

The Holiday Perfomance is a gift from TRDA to all parents and family. We hoped everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. We wish to see you all at the Holiday Perfomance 2018 and remember; Bring Joy to All!

Quoted from Facebook:

TRDA received lots of beautiful gifts on 2017, our dearest one was the warmth and love shared by our students and family. We have built a beautiful community and we are proud and fond of it. We welcome 2018 with arms wide open for our old and new members. We wish for new and merry dancing memories!

Some Pictures:

We wish to thank our amazing professional photographer Jessica LG for these amazing pictures!